Shahnameh was founded in 1997 by SEHAS LLC as a brand whose sole purpose was to provide good quality, trendy, economical, locally-sourced and stitched eastern clothing for the boys and men of Pakistan. At the time, it was something unheard of; but now with a lot of hard work and discipline, we find ourselves at the forefront of a burgeoning market catering to the fashion needs of the youth of Pakistan.

Even today, when so many are tempted to forego the economic rigors of manufacturing clothes in Pakistan and go the easy route of sourcing directly from China or other countries, we doggedly stick to our core value of proudly being 100% Made of Pakistan; with an emphasis on always providing nothing but the best in quality and style.

And it is because our hard work has been appreciated by the people of Pakistan that we are in a position to do something very close to our hearts: celebrate our motherland and our compatriots.

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